Let me assist you in the marketing and sale of your property.

Obviously you have made a major life style or financial decision to sell your property. Selecting the right sales representative and listing price are two important elements. As a sales representative I will provide you with expert personalized service, marketing direction and attention to details throughout the listing and sale process. You can trust me with the confidentiality and integrity needed to carry out this important task successfully.  The listing price is your decision based on the outcome of the listing presentation.

Listing Presentation

I will provide you with a Current Market Analysis that incorporates comparable recent Sold and presently Listed for Sale properties in order to establish a rational listing price. For accuracy sake, I will need to visit your property to properly evaluate any extras or upgrades, which would be reflected in the recommended listing price range. Note, that the final decision on listing price is always yours to make. In addition, I will discuss our marketing strategies, competitive commission rates and Century 21’s Air Mile Reward Miles Program. You will be advised of all the various costs that are associated with the sale of your property and you will have a professional negotiator assisting you throughout the offer process NO SUPRISES!  The objective is to get your property sold as soon as practical for as close as possible to your asking price!

Free Home Evaluation

If you wish to sell, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to come out to see your property and provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION current market analysis.  My web site is only one of the many ways in which your property would be marketed. Once again thank you and enjoy your visit. I hope I will have the opportunity of working with you soon.