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Feel free to browse through our listings and hopefully something will spark your interest. Enjoy your visit.

If by chance you don’t find the desired home, cottage or property you are looking for, I invite you to simple e-mail, call or fill out the Property Search form by clicking on the Listings Notification button to the right. You may provide as much information as you wish, however the more you provide the narrower your search becomes, resulting in fewer property availabilities .  I will review you criteria and start an extensive search through our Real Estate Board’s MLS network and our exclusive listings and when an existing or new listing matches your request I will notify you directly.

Where to start?

Buying a property is generally an exhaustive process. You will probably check out many different web sites and no doubt get frustrated when you call and find out that the property sold last year or that the picture is not indicative of the listing or there is insufficient detail.

Finding the right property means finding the right Location, Design and Price. Also choosing the right Sales Representative is an important factor in satisfying these objectives with a minimal amount of time and frustration.

Choosing a Sales Representative

Choose a professional realtor, one who will work for you to achieve these objectives. One who listens to your needs and when the right property is found will prepare your offer to purchase with care and accuracy, then lead during the negotiating phase to obtain the best possible deal.

As a skillful sales representative I have a number of assets to draw upon. In addition to my current training level, I employ our Board’s Daily  MLS Listings, Local Real Estate Catalogues, and my interaction with other agents in the area who at times may have exclusive listings not advertised or found on the MLS network.

Rather than employing several realtors to find you the right property, choose one who will provide you with a high level of satisfaction and will work diligently for you. This satisfaction will be revealed through speedy and competent communications either by phone or e-mail.

Loyalty generally pays off to both parties!